Business Plan Review Service

If you have completed our free business plan template or already prepared a business plan but feel it needs a professional ‘eye’ to look over it before presenting it to a bank or lending provider, then our specialist business plan review service can help.

Our team of specialist business advisors – each with over 10 years’ experience of writing business plans, as well as running their own enterprises – will provide an expert and candid review of your business plan and financial forecasts.

Last year alone, our professionally written business plans helped clients secure funds from as little as £3,000 to over £10 million in investment, so we know exactly what a bank, investor or alternative funding provider will want to see.

How it Works

Once we have received your business plan and set of financial forecasts, one of our specialist consultants will fully review and appraise your document.

Within 5 working days, you can expect to receive clear and concise advice and feedback, with details of any changes and improvements you need to make to the business plan.

Our feedback will cover:

  • The strengths and weakness of the business plan
  • Suggested business plan additions that might be required
  • If the business plan is fit for its intended purpose
  • Whether your financial forecasts are ‘funder friendly’

Our candid and constructive commentary will be provided as detailed notes throughout your business plan document, or, as a separate report.

In addition, this feedback will also be supplemented by a 45-minute telephone or Skype consultation, providing you with the perfect opportunity to ask questions, to go over the feedback in further detail, etc.

Please be assured that this is a completely confidential service and your business plan will be reviewed in the strictest confidence. In addition, after sending over our comments and having provided a one-to-one consultation, your business plan and information will be removed from our system.

This review service normally starts from £375, however – for a limited only – we can offer this business plan review service for just £275.

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